President’s Message

About HCC

Hello and welcome to winter and spring 2020 at HCC. This past fall was an exciting time for the HCA.

After years of meetings and not knowing the future of Templeton Pool, we finally have some sense of security moving into the years ahead. The original VanSplash Aquatic Strategy had Templeton Pool slated for decommission in the near future. There was pushback from the community and from us through petitions, letter writing campaigns and speaking engagements. The Park Board then formed the VanSplash Advisory Group with 20 volunteers who are passionate about all aquatics in Vancouver. After nearly a year and many hours of meetings the advisory group came up with recommendations for the Park Board staff to adopt. On October 28, 2019 there was a special meeting held at the Park Board office and many of the recommendations were adopted and actually enhanced by amendments introduced by one of the Park Board commissioners.

Here are two highlights that affect our pool directly:

• Develop an upgrade and renovation plan, extending operational life-span for pools not undergoing renewal as part of this strategy, to increase sustainability and operational efficiency, including consideration of implementing green technologies.

• Extend the minimum time that Templeton and Lord Byng pools will remain operational from five years to 10 years, following Britannia and Connaught pools becoming fully operational.

I want to thank the VanSplash Advisory group for their hard work and dedication to neighbourhood pools. The details of VanSplash can be found at www.vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture/vansplash-aquatics-strategy.aspx

Since we have signed our JOA (Joint Operating Agreement) with the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, I have witnessed positive outcomes for our centre. We look forward to working more collaboratively with the Park Board as a stakeholder and partner in any strategies and master plans that will impact our community and our centre. I recently met with a few members of the Park Board staff at an APG (Association Presidents’ Group) meeting. Staff assured me that before implementation of the VanPlay Master Plan that we will have meaningful dialogue and input since many aspects of the 50 year plan will have a significant impact on our neighbourhood.

Details of VanPlay can be found here: https://vancouver.ca/news-calendar/vanplay-master-plan-approved.aspx

If you have any further questions or are interested in running for a position on the board please contact us: hastingscommunityassociation@gmail.com

Enjoy the wonderful programs offered and subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates.

Have a great winter, happy new year and spring. Hope to see you at one of our upcoming events.

With Respect,
Jason McGarry
President, Hastings Community Association