Templeton Welcome Garden

Templeton Park Pool

A message from Lori Snyder and Laura Cisneros, stewards of the Templeton Indigenous Welcome Garden.

We were invited to collaborate with the Hastings Sunrise Community as Artists in Residence (2020- 2021).

We imagined ourselves gathering in community, walking around the parks, and creating relations in nature; life presented itself differently. Instead, we were presented with the opportunity to re-create our dreams. And like many others, we moved our program online; we played with having hybrid gatherings, even when sometimes hybrid meant the two of us in nature and the community online. We received the gift of witnessing the abundance of the unceded lands and waters of the Coast Salish peoples, we practiced reciprocity – cleaning up litter, tending gardens, contemplating with the Moon, and co-creating in community a reference legacy book.

In 2022, we were asked to continue this thread as the caregivers of the Indigenous Welcome Garden at Templeton Park Pool. Join us at the garden, put our hands on the Earth, bring neighbours together, practice reciprocity, learn from the plants, create art, share wildcrafted teas, meditate, contemplate the sky, listen to music, and dance to celebrate.

Lori is an Indigenous Metis from Turtle Island, herbalist and educator, and a mother of two.

Laura is a mixed ancestry descendant from the Caribbean Sea, a conscious dreamer, and a mother of twins.

We dream of a New Earth, in which the Condor and the Eagle are flying together, again. We met through the plants and they asked us to share our love for Mother Earth with others. We intend to re-create hermandad with everything that exists and re-introduce a few of the ancient, and regenerative arts. Such as dreaming, getting to know the wild medicine and food plants, and re-connect within the cosmic energy.

Join us:
FB: earth and company
IG: unfolding senderos
Email: inharmony.innature@gmail.com
Website: https://taplink.cc/inharmony.innature

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