Artists in Communities 2020

About HCC

Build relationship to this land, and learn about Indigenous plants, foods, and medicines with Indigenous herbalist Lori Snyder and art historian and writer Laura Cisneros.

At this time, when we have been called to live differently and our hearts are deeply touched by the lives affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, In Harmony In Nature we stay committed to our intention on building a creative bridge between our community and nature. 

We are inviting you to take those inward ideas, dreams, energy… and bring them outward into this new reality.  

We will keep connected through different online platforms. Visit our blog and watch our videos and photos on some of the plants we can find or grow in our gardens this time of the year. Mark your calendars with the events we are programming.

Find out about our latest programming here: https://inharmonywithnatur.wixsite.com/inharmonywithnature/upcoming-events

Learn more about the Artists in Communities program here: https://vancouver.ca/people-programs/artists-in-communities-program.aspx